Prom Mini Prep Guide

Please Read Everything Carefully!

Address & Directions-

+ I am located at 6 Main Street North, Suite 104, between the Taube Museum and the 10 N Main Restaurant.

Session Information-

+ If it is raining, snowy or icy, please bring shoes with you and wear different ones to the session. The water, snow, ice and salt can make a mess of the studio floor and outfits, so it is better to change them for the photos.

+ My normal gallery delivery time is 2-3 weeks, but for Mini Sessions I shoot for 7 days. These sessions come with a full viewing gallery where you pick your favorites. If you decide you want more than the 5 images that are included, extras are just $10 each. All the info needed to make selections and download will be sent to you once we get to that point.

+Prep - use lotion on chapped hands, arms, legs, etc.. the few days prior to your session. The night before: clip & clean/paint nails- don't forget the toes if they'll be seen. The day of: don't drink any punch or juice that stains the teeth & lips.

+ COVID and Illness - if anyone in your party has been exposed, if anyone is showing symptoms of ANY sickness - fever, vomiting, diarrhea - please contact me to reschedule. I serve Newborns and those with compromised immune systems and will not risk possible exposure to those who can not fight it off.

+Please bring your payment - CASH or CHECK to the session with you. I do not accept credit cards for these sessions. Payment is PER student.

Info I need from you:

+ How many people are coming.

+ Anything you feel I need to know!

Let me know if you have any questions!