Newborn Session Prep Guide

Whether this baby's Newborn Session is your first or tenth, here are a few reminders to help you prepare for our upcoming appointment.

Newborn Boy - Swaddled with Blue Rainbow

Newborn Boy - Head on Hands Pose


My studio is located Downtown at 6 Main Street North, between the Taube Museum and the 10 North Main Restaurant. Suite 104. Please try not to arrive more than 5 minutes early, as families before you need time to leave and I need time to clean & prep between appointments.

What to bring

Pack a diaper bag well-stocked for normal day out of the house.

+Extra diapers and wipes.

+Extra formula/bottles or whatever you'll need to nurse comfortably. My studio is nursing/pumping friendly, so bring what you need!

+Plan to possibly need to feed baby upon arrival. Sometimes, even if they just ate before you left the house, they'll wake up just enough to realize they want to eat again and the session hasn't even started. This is completely normal.

+Any props (heirloom items, blankets, outfits) we've discussed and are planning to use in the session.

+The Newborn Room can get hot for parents. Warm babies are comfortable babies. You are welcome to bring comfortable clothing to change into.

+Drinks or snacks. The session can feel long and you may find yourself feeling fatigued. I highly recommend bringing a snack water with you. I do have bottled water at the studio. If you find you need some, please do not hesitate to ask!

+Siblings - If siblings under 9 years old are coming, please make plans for them to leave with dad/mom, a friend or family member once their part of the session is done. The studio is big and can be overwhelming, but there is nothing for them to do. However, we are half a block away from Main Street Books, an ice cream shop, a sandwich shop, Charlie's cafe and a few other good restaurants.

+Soothers/Pacifiers/Nook/Binkies - Even if baby is not taking one regularly or at all, sometimes they help calm & soothe for wrapping and almost always for posing, especially unwrapped. I do carry them sealed in studio, so if you forget it, we will have one to use just in case. If you are absolutely against using one, I completely respect that decision.

+Payment - I accept cash or checks. Keep in mind if you bring cash- I am not always able to make change.

PREPPING Family & siblings for photos

-none of this is intended for baby-

In the days before - use chapstick and lotion to remedy dry/chapped lips and skin.

Night before - Remove or apply nail polishes as desired, clean & clip nails - check toes on littles.

Do not drink any punches or juices that stain lips, teeth & mouth before the session.

Remember to make plans for siblings so they are taken care of once we move into the Newborn Room.


If anyone in your party is ill with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, rash or are otherwise contagious, please reach out to reschedule. Even if it happens to be the morning of the session. We will gladly reschedule rather than risk exposure. I serve Newborns, Elderly, cancer patients and otherwise immunocompromised people and will not risk exposing them to something they can not fight off. If any client arrives to a session ill, I reserve the right to send them away without holding their session. On this same note, if I am ill the morning of the session, I will reach out to reschedule. I would not risk exposing your brand new little one to anything either.

We are excited to see you!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Newborn Girl - Swaddled in Heart Bowl

Sisters - Newborn Girl on Bed Full Composite