Maternity Session Prep Guide

Address+Directions FOR IN-STUDIO

My studio is located in Downtown Minot at 6 Main Street North suite 104, between the Taube Museum and the 10 N Main restaurant. Please try not to arrive more than 5 minutes early, as families before you need time to leave and I need time to clean & prep between appointments.

What to bring

+Your outfits & dresses! Feel free to bring your outfits & change here. Wrinkles & accidents happen, especially on picture day!

+During winter (or on rainy days) I ask that you bring the shoes you want to wear in the photos (if you want to wear shoes) along to put on here. Bare feet are always welcome.

+Remember, depending on the dress you chose, you may need undergarments that coordinate.

+Any special props, photos, ultrasound images, keepsakes you'd like images with.

+Payment - I accept cash or checks. Keep in mind if you bring cash- I am not always able to make change.

+Feel free to ask any questions!


In the days before - use chapstick and lotion to remedy dry/chapped lips and skin.

Night before - Remove or apply nail polishes as desired, clean & clip nails - check toes on littles.

Do not drink any punches or juices that stain lips, teeth & mouth before the session.

Additional Reminders!

+If you have any inspiration or poses you like, you may email/text them to me prior to the session.

+Adding other family members without discussing it prior to the session will incur a fee.

++Illness Policies++

If anyone in your party is ill with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, rash or are otherwise contagious, please reach out to reschedule. Even if it happens to be the morning of the session. We will gladly reschedule rather than risk exposure. I serve Newborns, Elderly, cancer patients and otherwise immunocompromised people and will not risk exposing them to something they can not fight off. If any client arrives to a session ill, I reserve the right to send them away without holding their session.

We are excited to see you!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.