CakeSmash Session Prep Guide

Whether this Smash & Splash Session is your first or tenth, here are a few reminders to help you prepare for our upcoming appointment.


My studio is located in my home in the SW part of Minot.

I am at 601 16th St SW, between Burdick and 2nd Ave SW, where the road is curvy and people drive too fast. Don't be afraid to drive slowly and get honked at. My house is a blue/gray color and sits on the East Side of 16th, directly behind the mailbox cluster. There are (now) two standing tree stumps in my yard. Please try not to arrive more than 5 minutes early, as families before you need time to leave and I need time to clean & prep between appointments.

What to bring

Pack a diaper bag well-stocked for normal day out of the house.

+Extra diapers and wipes. Wipes will be for you and them!

+Extra socks for you! Parents will be involved, this means possibly messy feet.

+Any props (heirloom items, outfits) we've discussed and are planning to use in the session.

+A towel for baby.

+Baby's favorite bubble bath & bath toys.

+Water for yourself to drink.

+The Cake! I do not recommend ice cream cakes.

+The baby!

+Payment - I accept cash, checks or credit cards through my square site. Keep in mind if you bring cash- I am not always able to make change.

+Feel free to ask any questions!

Additional Reminders!

This is an all-hands on deck type session!

One year-olds are MOBILE and parents will be actively involved - moving their child back toward/next to the cake.

Working to make them smile and encourage exploring the cake. Same with the Splash Session. You may get messy. You may step into something soft, like cake or frosting. You will need to be prepared to wipe your feet off with diaper wipes.