Birthday/Milestone Prep Guide


My studio is located in my home in the SW part of Minot.

I am at 601 16th St SW, between Burdick and 2nd Ave SW, where the road is curvy and people drive too fast. Don't be afraid to drive slowly and get honked at. My house is a blue/gray color and sits on the East Side of 16th, directly behind the mailbox cluster. There are (now) two standing tree stumps in my yard. Please try not to arrive more than 5 minutes early, as families before you need time to leave and I need time to clean & prep between appointments.

What to bring {Depending on age}

+Any props (heirloom items, outfits, balloons) we've discussed & are planning to use in the session.

+Water for yourself to drink.

+Fruit loops, cheerios, puffs or any other "clean & dry" snack to bribe happy faces.

+A well-stocked diaper bag for normal day out of the house.

+Extra diapers and wipes. 'Cause things always happen on Picture Day!

+If it's raining or snowing and you plan on wearing shoes in your photos, please bring them along and wear a pair that you can take off at the door.

+If our session is outside during bug season, consider bringing your own bug spray/wipes, etc..

+Payment - I accept cash or checks. Keep in mind if you bring cash- I am not always able to make change.

+Feel free to ask any questions!

What to Wear

I am of the belief that these images are your memories, not mine. So I will never tell you exactly what to wear, however, I will give you some tips - say NO to - neons, graphics & words (like monster trucks and "Old Navy"), too many different plaids. Say YES to neutrals, pastels, beautiful color palettes.


In the days before - use chapstick and lotion to remedy dry/chapped lips and skin.

Night before - Remove or apply nail polishes as desired.

Clean & clip nails - check toes on littles.

Do not drink any punches or juices that stain lips, teeth & mouth before the session.

Additional Reminders!

+Feel free to bring special outfits separately and change here. No matter the age, a lot can happen on the car ride over.

+If you are bringing a cake as a prop to this session, please know there will be NO SMASHING allowed. This is not a cakesmash session.

+Adding parents, siblings, other family members without discussing it prior to the session will incur a fee.

++Illness Policies++

If anyone in your party is ill with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, rash or are otherwise contagious, please reach out to reschedule.

Even if it happens to be the morning of the session. We will gladly reschedule rather than risk exposure. Not only is my studio in my home, but I also serve Newborns, Elderly, cancer patients and otherwise immunocompromised people and will not risk exposing them to something they can not fight off.

If any client arrives to a session ill, I reserve the right to send them away without holding their session.

We are excited to see you!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.