Client Galleries

*Downloading instructions*

To download your full gallery you'll need to be on a laptop or pc as the files are large.

Allow the photos to load, then along the top right, above the photos you'll see a download symbol. Click that symbol and enter the PIN. If the site says you don’t have permission, check that you’re not in your favorites list. That’s the number one issue people have because you can’t download from there.

To download one image at a time, or to put a couple on a mobile device, you'll look for the menu bars, or an album titled "Selections" Click that album, once it loads then click on each individual image & click the download symbol there then enter the PIN. I recommend no more than 2-3 images on mobile devices (depending on the device) because they will eat up the memory.

If your gallery is not listed, it may have expired. Contact me to have it reactivated.